Sustainable integration of renewable fuels in local transportation (SEAFUEL) aims to make use the renewable resources across the Atlantic Area to power the local transport fleet and support the shift towards a low-carbon economy. The project will use the expertise and infrastructure of the partners in renewable energy, namely solar, wind and marine. Currently there is no tried and tested efficient method to store excess energy created by renewables. SEAFUEL plans to investigate the viability of converting the excess energy generated into hydrogen and demonstrate the potential use of hydrogen as a fuel to be used by local transport authorities. Success of the project will promote a sustainable transport system that can be adopted by other Atlantic regions.

Action Renewables will produce a “tool kit” that will allow a non-partner organization to simply take the outputs from SEAFUEL and develop a business model in their own region. Central to the success of SEAFUEL will be a desire of transport operations, indeed all stakeholders in public transport systems wanting to become involved in the exploitation of the SEAFUEL model. Central to that will be the development of a business model to demonstrate that can happen (or not).

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The business model will be supported by a business plan, which will identify the resources to reach its goals.

Action Renewables will also promote and run a series of seminars over the course of the project with each region hosting one. A series of at least 5 world class case studies based upon a full assessment of all regions within Europe and also on a global scale will also be produced.

seafuel tenerife

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