ARES Market Services Limited  (NI693052) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Action Renewables Energy Trading Limited and has the purpose to facilitate market entry in the Irish single electricity market, the SEM.

ARES aims to provide the best strategic support in power trading for its clients by combining its power market knowledge from a multiyear energy trading experience, as well as the ability to leverage the most sophisticated analytical and forecasting platforms in the market.

Over the past two years we have experienced an unprecedented volatility in the marketplace as a result of market shocks caused by both market forces and unforeseen events; this has led to fundamental changes in the supply and demand balance.  The race to net zero announced by all governments around the world with ambitious targets to be met as early as 2030, is expediting the continuous deployment of renewable energy.  Wind, solar, bioenergy, hydro and battery storage solutions will play an increasing role in the power markets in the years to come.

ARES final goal is to help its clients navigate the increased complexity of energy market trading by providing an accurate and realistic view of the energy sector and offer flexible solutions tailored to clients specific technology and market outlook.

Market access will be possible via trading across the following platforms:

  • Semopx Day
  • Ahead Auctions
  • Forward markets
  • Intraday auctions
  • Balancing mechanism


ARES will focus on maximising revenue generating capacity of its clients’ assets, a mix of generating stations across renewables such as wind, solar and anaerobic digesters and will offer a route to market via the implementation of the most suitable strategy based on prevailing market conditions and future energy prices forecast.

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