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Action Renewables manages export payments for commercial/industrial renewable generators such as wind turbines, photovoltaic (PV) systems and AD plants. Any electricity generated from your renewable generator system that you do not use on site, will be exported to the grid. We administer the ‘deemed’ export solution for our larger generators.

We act as a cooperative, aggregating exported power through trade agreements and selling to energy suppliers.  Here’s how we can help renewable generators maximise revenue from exported electricity:

  • The Action Renewables team utilises expert market knowledge to trade renewable power.
  • Our unique offering removes the complexity of navigating the power market.
  • By aggregating power from many renewable generators, we are able to act as a cooperative and boost the value of export payments for our clients.
  • Our considerable client base gives us the selling power needed to negotiate the most lucrative PPAs on your behalf.
  • We provide transparent trading agreements, with a smooth payment process, for efficient monetisation of renewable power.

Action Renewables has a strong position within the market – we currently represent over 7000 clients for ROC trading. Our unique position within the renewable commodities market, along with our cooperative based trading solution allows us to secure and increase export value for renewable generators.

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