We are a registered NI Charity and are supported with funding from Action Renewables Energy Trading Ltd.


Action Renewables Energy Trading Ltd (ARET)

ARET is a leading provider of renewable energy expertise. Through the trading of electricity and renewable energy certificates, we deliver value, support and expertise to over 7000 customers.  We are governed by a constituted Management Board which is represented by extensive environmental expertise, industry professionals and non-governmental leaders.

ARET has been trading since 2003 and has been instrumental in the delivery of renewable energy services across Northern Ireland.

ARET Board:

  • William Deane, Head of Projects – Action Renewables
  • Jonathan Buick, Chief Operating Officer – Action Renewables
  • Nicolas Fullerton, Director
  • Gerard Hodgkinson
  • Neal Shanks
  • Anna Vangrove
  • Terry Waugh, Chief Executive Officer- Action Renewables

To contact a member of our Board please email: Annette Herty, Office Manager at Action Renewables.

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