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While we are currently unsure of our status in applying for new EU Projects we have recently begun work on carrying out evaluations of other EU funded projects led by other organisations.

This work includes gaining an understanding of the project, checking the project aligns with the program aims and objectives, analysing the outputs and deliverables to ensure they have been completed and match with the programme aims, establishing how well the project partnership worked, and the impact the project had on the appropriate external stakeholders.

Our experience both as partners in and lead partners of a wide range of projects from various programmes gives us a great knowledge and understanding.

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EU Projects we've partnered


partners organisations worked with

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EU Projects we've led

List of partners/stakeholders who AR has worked with in N.Ireland/Ireland

  • NUI Galway (Ireland),
  • The Highland Council (Scotland),
  • Environmental Research Unit North Highland College (Scotland),
  • Aran Islands Energy Co-Op (Ireland),
  • University of Liverpool (England),
  • HyEnergy Consultancy (England),
  • Logan Energy (Scotland),
  • Clar Ich (Ireland),
  • Mayo County Council (Ireland),
  • International Resources And Recycling Institute (Scotland),
  • Trinity College Dublin,
  • Watef Network University of Bath (England),

List of partners/stakeholders who AR has worked with in Europe

  • Jokkmokk Municipality (Sweden),
  • University of Oulu (Finland),
  • Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (Tenerife),
  • AREAM (Madeira),
  • Icelandic New Energy (Iceland),
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland),
  • University of the Faroe Islands (Faroe Islands),
  • Fundacion Asturiana De La Energia (Spain),
  • Tecnico Lisboa (Portugal),
  • Universidad de Cordoba (Spain),
  • FERAGUA (Spain),
  • Universiat di Napoli (Italy),
  • SMPGA (France),

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