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The webinar series: AREA presents “Energy Efficiency in Business.”



Join us for the first of four online events as part of our new webinar series, designed to influence and build on the future of renewable energy in Northern Ireland. Our events will be delivered by a wide range of renewable energy experts from across the UK and Ireland, with the aim of tackling some of the most urgent and important issues facing Northern Ireland’s renewable energy sector in 2020 and beyond.

Energy Efficiency in Business

We invite companies and individuals to take control of their energy output and costs. Whether it is installing energy-efficient measures, adjusting your energy usage or implementing new measures for cutting down on your overall energy consumption, Energy Efficiency in Business aims to educate ways in which you and your business can become more energy efficient.


Paul Friar, General Manager of Smurfit Kappa  
Better Planet Packaging, let’s make packaging for a sustainable world

Paul Friar will discuss the importance of choosing the right substrate and how this can have a significant effect on its environmental impact. Using Smurfit Kappa as a real-life example, he will demonstrate how the company is leading the way and how making sustainability a priority can have economic benefits for all businesses. 

Bill Andrew, Practitioner at International Synergies 
 Achieving Energy Efficiency through facilitated Industrial Symbiosis. 

Bill Andrew will give an overview of how Invest NI Resource Matching Service can achieve economic and environmental efficiencies. Bill will share hints and tips that will enable businesses to apply circular economy thinking in today’s complex economic environment, illustrated by local case studies.

Robert Clements, Sustainable Development Manager at Northern Ireland Housing Executive 
Transition to Low Carbon Housing

Robert Clements will discuss the urgency in addressing Northern Ireland’s current housing stock issues and the problems arising in urban and rural developments. He will establish a roadmap example on how housing in Northern Ireland can move successfully towards Net Zero targets by 2050. 

Janette O’Hagan, Director at Heatboss
Energy-Efficient heating control with Heatboss

Janette O’Hagan will give an overview of Heatboss, the opportunities to reduce energy costs that the company’s intelligent wireless heat management system offers commercial and public buildings in Northern Ireland and the challenges and importance associated with securing a NI Energy Strategy on the road to recovery from COVID-19. 


Registration Information:

Our event “Energy Efficiency in Business” will be hosted via Zoom Webinar. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and further details on how to join the event on 7 July 2020 at 10:30am will be sent to your registered email address prior to the start date.

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