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Solar PV Programme roll out begins with Belvoir Players in Belfast



Action Renewables has developed a programme of support for non-profit organisations based in Northern Ireland.   Action Renewables charitable objectives include mitigating against the effects of climate change, and through their solar PV support programme, organisations can benefit from the installation of solar panels to their building, along with a reduced electricity tariff.

This is a new initiative for Action Renewables, and one which they hope many organisations will come forward to apply for.   Chief Executive Terry Waugh said “This programme will enable many non-profit organisations to achieve reduced carbon emissions through the installation of solar panels, and to generate renewable electricity to power their premises.  We are the only charity in NI that is offering this service and we are delighted that Belvoir Players are the first to avail of the installation.”

Belvoir Players based in South Belfast are a Theatre Group with a building suitable for the installation of photovoltaic panels.   Roger Dane, Manager of Belvoir Studio Theatre said, “In these difficult times any cost savings that can be made are vital to the operation of a small charitable organisation like the Belvoir Players Amateur Dramatic Society.    As you can imagine with the demands of an extensive theatrical sound and lighting system in our Studio Theatre, we use a lot of electricity to deliver our stage productions. It has been a pleasure to be able to work with Action Renewables on a solar panel installation which will produce renewable energy and make a significant potential saving in our electricity costs.  This saving will assist in our ability to provide entertainment for our community and will also secure the provision of the drama education we provide for our Youth Academy and our adult members.”

Action Renewables managed a tender process for the installation of the solar panels across Northern Ireland and Solmatix based in Newtownabbey, are one of the companies who will be responsible for delivering the installations for programme beneficiaries.

Belvoir Players Solmatix

William Deane of Action Renewables who has responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the Programme said “We are delighted to be supporting non-profit organisations and schools in the transition to renewable energy through our Solar PV Programme and welcome the opportunity to achieve our charitable objectives through this project.  Working alongside Belvoir Players, and installers Solmatix has seen this project come to fruition which is absolutely fantastic.  Action Renewables are at the forefront of the renewable energy sector and to be in a position to offer this programme of support in Northern Ireland is extremely rewarding.”

Action Renewables has over 7000 renewable energy customers in Northern Ireland, who receive payments for ROC’s (Renewable Obligation Certificates) and also export their excess electricity into the grid.  Their Northern Ireland based customer service team are ready to assist new customers who have renewable energy installed and who want to switch over to Action Renewables by calling 028 9072 7760.  

To find out more about the programme visit Solar PV Programme – your partner of choice for renewable energy.

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