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Micro-generation customers: Do you have the correct meter installed to measure exported electricity?



Generators who export excess electricity to the grid are required to provide a reading from the system’s NIE meter. This process has changed over recent years, so it is beneficial to clarify this and ensure you have the correct meter installed to measure the units exported.

The import/export meter

With various equipment installed, including; ROC meters, NIE meters, inverters and other equipment, it can seem confusing. When you have a renewable generator such as a PV system installed, your NIE meter (import meter) should have been replaced with a new one called an ‘import/export meter’. This meter is required to record the number of units that are exported onto the grid. It is the same one that the NIE meter reader will ask to see when they call, so this should help you to identify it. Once the NIE meter has been correctly read, it will be easy to identify again.

Identifying and reading the correct meter

These meters may record various values, so it is important to read the correct one. If you are unsure how to obtain the correct figure Action Renewables requires, then take a look at the NIE guidance, where you can view the different types of export meters and how to read them.

In the unlikely case that you do not have any of the meters mentioned in the link above, please check that you have completed the necessary paperwork with your installer, at the time of installation, and then contact NIE as soon as possible to have one fitted. The NIE website has various contact options. 

Without a reading from the correct meter, Action Renewables cannot claim your exported units for you.

Check if you have submitted your export reading

To check if you have submitted your export meter reading to us, simply log in using the username and password previously provided to you at the following link:

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