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Connecting Solar PV or other microgeneration to your domestic or commercial property?



Remember your grid connection requirements.

How to inform NIE Networks?

If you are wanting to install solar PV or other microgeneration to your home or domestic property NIE Networks will require a G98/NI Application to be submitted to them.

What is G98/NI?

G98/NI regulations relate to the installation of any generating equipment parallel with the public Low Voltage Distribution Network in Northern Ireland, on or after the 27th of April 2019. These regulations follow on for the late G83/NI regulations which capture all microgenerators and their connections. This covers single phase installations of up to 3.68kW & three phase connections of up to 11.04kW.

How do I know if I have a single or three phase connection?

The easiest way to check is to look at your incoming supply / meter board. A single-phase connection will have one singular fuse as highlighted below in Figure 1. A three-phase connection will have three 100A fuses as shown in Figure 2.

Fig.1 single phase meter board
Fig 2. Three Phase Meter Board

If you are struggling to check your connection please feel free to contact one of the team here who will be happy to help.

The Application Process

The applications process is like the G83/NI where you ‘fit and inform’. The site must register with NIE their generating equipment on the day of commissioning. Once this is complete NIE Networks require all commissioning & testing documentation within 28 days. Action Renewables have a proven record of assisting installers and customers in administration and completing their applications for NIE Networks review.

What happens once connected?

Once you have been connected to the grid NIE Networks will be in touch to fit your new export meter. This meter will measure exported electricity sent back onto the grid to which you can gain income from.

If you are planning to connect Solar PV or any generation technology to your property, please contact the Action Renewables team who will be able to assist you and provide advice to ensure you remain compliant with regulations and ensure you can gain income from your exported electricity!

For more information you can contact Matthew Esler in our large scale generation team or Lana Moore in our microgeneration team.

Author: Matthew Esler, Senior Project Manager with Action Renewables

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