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Climate Action

Action Renewables Climate Action Pledge



Action Renewables is proud to have signed the Climate Action Pledge, making an important public commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. 

The Climate Action Pledge is part of the Business in the Community ‘Business Action on Climate’ campaign which challenges businesses to take action on the climate crisis.  The campaign puts Northern Ireland businesses at the forefront of action on the climate emergency. 

The Pledge is a driver for business to take action on the climate emergency, working to ensure a liveable future and limit the increase in global temperatures well below 2°C. 

By signing the Climate Action Pledge and setting and striving to achieve ambitious GHG reduction targets, Northern Ireland organisations can demonstrate their commitment and willingness to collaborate to address this critical issue. 

The Pledge is a cornerstone of the Business Action on Climate campaign, an initiative of the responsible business network Business in the Community (BITC), which inspires and supports organisations to act as a force for good, convening business to tackle key societal and environmental issues. 

In March 2022 Action Renewables embarked on a 3-month programme of training and workshops delivered by BITC which kick-started our climate-transition journey and has given us a clear understanding of the business case for climate action.  The programme consisted of 4 main steps: 

Understand – Delivery of carbon literacy training incorporating climate change causes and consequences and taking action. 

Measure – understanding how to measure our organisational carbon footprint.  

Plan – developing a climate action plan, setting targets and defining the strategy to reduce GHG emissions. 

Commit – Making a public commitment and joining the climate movement. 

Terry Waugh, CEO of Action Renewables said “As an environmental organisation, we feel it is essential for us to integrate sustainability and energy reduction into our business.  We have already achieved reductions in energy consumption over the last few years through changing to LED lighting, installing efficient energy controls and improving energy management practices.  But we have to challenge ourselves further and look beyond energy use to other areas where we produce indirect CO2 emissions such as business travel, waste and procurement.  We all need to take action on climate change, and we would encourage other businesses to play their part and work to urgently reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.  By signing the Climate Action Pledge and by setting and striving to achieve ambitions GHG reduction targets, NI organisations can demonstrate their commitment and willingness to collaborate to address this critical issue.” 

Dawn Murphy, Senior Project Manager at Action Renewables said, “The BITC programme included carbon literacy training and in-depth workshops which enabled our team to develop a clear climate action plan which also feeds into our company strategy.  Action Renewables is also in a unique position to influence other businesses by passing on our learning and experience through this programme to the clients we work with on a daily basis on energy management projects.” 

Kieran Harding, Managing Director, BITC, said: “Signing the Climate Action Pledge is an act of public accountability that proves to an organisation’s stakeholders, customers and employees that they are taking ambitious action on the climate crisis. To make a real difference, businesses need to collaborate and act now. We are delighted that Action Renewables has joined our growing group of Northern Ireland organisations that have made a public declaration to take action urgently.” 

For more information on the Business Action on Climate campaign and the Climate Action Pledge NI, please visit or email  

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