Charitable Objectives

Action Renewables is a registered charity, a company limited by guarantee.

Our vision is to create a Northern Ireland which recognises the serious impacts of climate change and will take measures to prevent and mitigate against those impacts, through using renewable energy, energy efficiency, renewable transport and renewable products.

Our mission is to carry out our activities, including our charitable activities, in line with our charitable objectives. While our vision applies to Northern Ireland, our mission applies to the UK and Ireland.




During the term 2021/22 Action Renewables will:

Launch and roll out Free PV installations for Schools and Charities– committing in the region of up to £250k


Between April 2020 and March 2021, Action Renewables:

-Funded Belfast Food Network with £10k to carry out work on ‘informing, engaging and enabling community groups on Anaerobic Digestion’. The work consists of a report, case studies and two workshops. The overall aim is to help community groups potentially benefit from this upskilling and engagement with practitioners in Anaerobic Digestion.

-Sponsored the Eco Schools programme £10k to become their Climate Action Topic Partner. This will enable Eco-Schools to begin to educate our youth on Climate Advocacy and give them the tools and resources to really have their voices heard at local, national and international level.

-Creggan Country Park. We have been supporting applications for charity funding and we continue to work with them to review their energy efficiency, the current state of their renewable installations (biomass, hydro, wind) and with new grant applications.


Between April 2019 and March 2020, Action Renewables:

-Provided match funding to the Interreg funded and Northern Ireland Environment Link managed ‘CLIMATE’ project - Collaborative Learning Initiative Managing and Adapting to The Environment. The project aims to promote and improve climate change awareness in European peripheral rural communities. (£40k)

-Collaborated with the Education Authority to repair some 15-20 photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in Education Authority schools, for which they had no budget to repair. (£15k) We identified the schools in co-operation with the Department for Education. The estimated return to the schools is £85k, in the first twelve months after repairs are carried out (value of Renewables Electricity and its derivatives, and electricity which would have otherwise not been claimed).