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Action Renewables manages export payments for both domestic and commerical/industrial renewable generators such as wind turbines, photovoltaic (PV) systems and AD plants. Any electricity generated from your renewable generator system that you do not use on site, will be exported to the grid. We administer the 'deemed' export solution for thousands of domestic PV clients and for our larger generators. We act as a cooperative, aggregating exported power through trade agreements and selling to energy suppliers.  


'deemed export'

In October 2015, the NI Utility regulator and NIE Networks established a market solution for export from micro-generators. This process is called the ‘deeming solution’. The deeming solution works by a specific percentage (currently set at 45% by the NI Utility Regulator - UREGNI) of the calculated generation of a micro-generator being deemed to be exported. This deeming solution allowed Action Renewables to trade our clients deemed exported electricity into the electricity market on their behalf.

Under this solution, your total deemed export is the total kWh’s deemed to have been exported between the date you confirmed acceptance of your export agreement with us and 31/03/17. The calculation of your generation over this time period takes into account the size of your system and established (by UREGNI and NIE Networks - NIEN) PV performance in NI and importantly does not require you to provide Action Renewables with export meter readings (from the NIEN export meter).

Your deemed export payment from 01/04/16 (or the date you confirmed acceptance of the ARET export agreement) to the 31/03/17 will be paid in July 2018, along with your next annual ROC payment. This is because the deemed export mechanism has been established by the UREGNI such that the deemed export is claimed 13 months after the month of generation. In July 2018 you will be sent a remittance detailing the total export payment due and the total deemed export value will be paid into your bank account, with no action required from you.

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Review of deemed solution

It is currently undecided how long the deemed export solution will continue to run. The UREGNI in conjunction with NI based Electricity suppliers, have tabled proposals to replace the deemed export model with a requirement for customers to provide actual export electricity meter reads. In preparation, we will be asking all our microgeneration customers to provide us with an exported electricity meter reading (taken from their NIE meter) along with a ROC meter reading (taken from their ROC meter) at the end of March.

This export reading should be submitted at the same time as you submit your ROC meter reading (31st March 2018), and through the same link. A guide will be emailed to our customers (and is available to download below) which will assist you in identifying and submitting your export reading.

Action Renewables have not been provided with any feedback from the Utility Regulator or NIE concerning the impact of this change. However, we will continue to provide export payments under the deemed export model, while monitoring for market changes from NIE and the Utility Regulator going forward. Action Renewables will endeavor to inform and prepare our clients of this and continue to provide them access to value from their export.

export and power trading

Power trading

Action Renewables is in a unique market position – we have achieved success in the ROC market based on our ability to aggregate large volumes of ROCs from our portfolio of generators and we now use the same model to aggregate exported power through trade agreements and sell to energy suppliers. 

Here's how we can help renewable generators maximise revenue from exported electricity:

  • The Action Renewables team utilises expert market knowledge to trade renewable power.
  • Our unique offering removes the complexity of navigating the power market.
  • By aggregating power from many renewable generators, we are able to act as a cooperative and boost the value of export payments for our clients.
  • Our considerable client base gives us the selling power needed to negotiate the most lucrative PPAs on your behalf.
  • We provide transparent trading agreements, with a smooth payment process, for efficient monetisation of renewable power.

Action Renewables has a strong position within the market - we currently represent over 6000 clients for ROC trading. Our unique position within the renewable commodities market, along with our cooperative based trading solution allows us to secure and increase export value for renewable generators.

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