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How to register your solar PV system for electricity export with Action Renewables.



What is export?

If you’ve just had solar panels installed you will want to appoint an agent to claim and trade your export electricity on your behalf, to ensure you receive value from units you send back to the grid. (If you have a grid connection any electricity generated from your renewable generator system that you do not use on site will be exported to the grid). Your system will need to be fully commissioned and have a suitable NIE export meter installed (if you do not already have one in place).

How to register:

It’s simple, complete our brief form online and our team will send out registration forms to you:

We will also need information on the solar system itself – when you return our completed forms, please also include any installation paperwork your Solar PV installer has provided you with and send them through to

What’s next?

All you need to do is provide Action Renewables with an export meter reading via our meter reading portal once a year, in July. Enter the reading, date of the reading, and upload a photo of your reading. You will receive email reminders leading up to this so you don’t forget! Exported electricity is linked to the wholesale cost of electricity but is claimed 13 months in arrears. Action Renewables make export payments in December each year. Please also note that depending on the date your system was commissioned your first payment may not be until December 2024/25.

Need help finding the Export Figure on your meter?

Please see our guidance document that can help you identify the export figure from your NIE meter, there are a wide range of different makes and models used by NIE, but this document will cover the ones most commonly used:

Why Action Renewables?

Action Renewables is a registered charity that helps deliver renewable energy projects across Northern Ireland. For example, in the past 18 months we have funded the installation of 12 Solar PV systems on local charities across NI to help them save on their increasing energy costs and to reduce their carbon footprints. By becoming an Action Renewables customer, you will be supporting local projects such as this. Please click on the following link to find out more about the many charitable projects we have been involved in:

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