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What does ARET do anyway?

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What does ARET do anyway?

At Action Renewables Energy Trading (ARET), we have over 7000 renewable energy generating customers. This makes us the largest independent Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) and electricity trading organisation in Northern Ireland.

ROC Trading

We actively trade on the ROC market. To achieve the highest market value, we aggregate ROCs from all of our renewable energy generators and with this large volume of ROCs, we go directly to buyers (where our established relationships come in to play) and they bid for our ROCs. We always receive a number of bids and from this the highest bidder will receive the ROCs.

We avoid online ROC auctions and their associated administration charges, which means we are in a better position to provide the best value to our generators.

Oh, did I mention we handle all of the administration, at no additional cost?

If you decide to choose us to trade your ROCs, we will maintain your Ofgem accreditation and liaise with Ofgem on your behalf. Here are just some of the things you can expect us to do:

  • Input of generation meter readings to Ofgem Renewables and CHP register (upon receipt of monthly meter readings).
  • Ongoing contact with Ofgem to ensure ROCs and the accreditation are operating smoothly.
  • Assisting with annual sustainability reporting and any other reporting that currently exists or may be introduced, as required by Ofgem.
  • Advice and direction on any further project development.

And we can trade your export electricity...

Our electricity trading approach is similar to that of how we trade ROCs – we aggregate exported power from numerous generators, through trade agreements. We then sell this to energy suppliers, which means our generators can avail of the best-value income. Some benefits of this service include:

  • Competitive rates on exported electricity.
  • Supply of imported power to the site.
  • Engaging with NIEN for your nomination/energisation process.
  • Supply of Half Hourly (HH) data for reconciliation.
  • Monthly payments and invoicing.
  • Advice and direction on market changes and the incoming of the Integrated – Single Electricity market (I-SEM).

We’re confident that we can offer you market-leading value for your renewable generation. If you’re interested, get in touch with us on 028 9072 7760 and we’ll be happy to help.

Matthew Esler

Matthew Esler
Assistant Project Manager


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