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SSPV Annual Meter Reading: How to read your ROC meter

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SSPV Annual Meter Reading: How to read your ROC meter

Reading your meter may seem like a daunting task, or it may be the case that you simply can’t remember what you did last time you sent us a reading. We are here to help make things easier for you.

1. Identify the meter

The Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) generation meter measures the total gross electricity produced by your Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system since its installation.

ROC meters were fitted by the PV installer at the time of the PV installation.

The ROC meter may be fitted on a wall in your hallway, meter-box cupboard or in your roof space.

Typical ROC meter makes:

  • Landis + Gyr
  • Elster
  • Autometers

2. Double check it is your ROC meter

A meter reading taken from the wrong meter, such as the NIE meter or the inverter, cannot be submitted to Ofgem for ROC release. It is important to ensure you are reading from the correct meter, as not doing so will cause a delay in your payment.

3. Take photographic evidence

If possible, please upload a date stamped photograph of your ROC meter at the time the reading is taken. The reading and the meter details should be clearly visible. Supplying photographic evidence at this early stage will assist with any future queries from us or Ofgem, and help to avoid any potential delays with your ROC payments.

4. Don’t forget multiple ROC meters

In some cases, more than one ROC meter may be installed. This is sometimes the case if your PV system was installed on different rooftops. For example: one panel is installed on the roof of your house and another is installed on the roof of your garage.  

If you have further questions about your meter system, please visit our Domestic Solar page to look at our FAQs:

Finbar Lunney

Finbar Lunney
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