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Large-scale generators: 5 Reasons why Ofgem may query your submission

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Large-scale generators: 5 Reasons why Ofgem may query your submission

To claim Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) as part of the Renewables Obligation scheme, renewable generation meter readings must be provided on a monthly or annual basis. To ensure the data provided is reliable and accurate, Ofgem can query submissions. Here are some of the reasons a submission can be queried:

1. Late data

After you have taken your meter reading at the start and end of the month, you have a two-month window to submit these to Ofgem (see below). This usually takes the form of time stamped photographs of meter readings or half hourly data.

Source: Ofgem

2. Overgeneration

If your meter reading submission exceeds the expected generation per month or year (for your installed capacity), this will be flagged by Ofgem. It is unlikely the ROCs associated with this submission will be issued until a valid reason for the possible overgeneration is provided. Often, this can be due to irregular meter readings, where the generation period exceeds the month or year submitted for. This highlights the importance of time stamped photographs of meter readings to validate submissions.

3. Missing or incorrect data

During the accreditation process for your generating station, procedures can be agreed for your data submissions, where evidence may be required to support your submissions. If evidence is not provided, it will be queried, and the ROCs are unlikely to be approved without the necessary evidence. Additionally, your application for your generating station will specify what meters and equipment are required to make your submission. If these are altered or not followed, Ofgem are likely to query where your data was from and may require an update to your application or submissions.  

4. Amendments

If you have made a mistake in your submission, the updated submission will have to be evidenced to ensure the amendment is genuine.

5. Recent accreditation

For a recently accredited station, any submissions will undergo validation. All generation will have to be evidenced and can be queried if there are any gaps. This is standard procedure, where the length of time for the process can vary.

Although queries can lead to delays in ROC issuance and this can be frustrating, it is an important process to prevent fraud and maintain an accurate representation of renewable energy generation in the UK.

For more information on the ROC cycle, take a look at our guide.

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