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Everything you need to know about a Green Energy Tariff, with Click Energy.

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Everything you need to know about a Green Energy Tariff, with Click Energy.

Have you considered using renewables to power your home, but been deterred by cost or the finer details, such as how a green energy tariff works? Electricity supplier, Click Energy, is keen to shake-up the industry and prove that you don’t have to pay more to go green. We interviewed Damian Wilson, Managing Director at Click, to find out more.

What is a green energy tariff?

A green energy tariff means that all of the electricity you buy is 'matched' by purchases of renewable energy that we, as your energy supplier, make on your behalf. Click Energy continues to work closely with organisations like Action Renewables for advice and support to help the consumer become greener.

How does a green energy tariff work?

We give an undertaking to match all of the electricity you use with renewable energy. When you’re on our green tariff, we promise that however much electricity you use in your home, the same amount of renewable electricity will be put into the Grid. The more that people sign-up to a green energy tariff, the greener the Grid becomes.

In terms of forward focus, that’s a win-win situation both for us as a cleaner and greener energy supplier and the eco-conscious Northern Ireland consumer who, thankfully for our planet, is increasingly to the fore.

Where is the renewable energy generated?

It is local energy from local independent providers in Northern Ireland. We buy all our energy from generation sources like wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, biomass and hydro. By buying more and more directly from renewable sources, we’re helping to make a difference, supporting local business, protecting the planet, meeting our corporate social responsibilities, while of course still offering best value for customers.

Won’t my electricity bill be much more expensive if I use electricity generated by renewables?

Not at all – we have been able to develop an extremely competitive tariff for the eco-conscious customers of Northern Ireland, from working with IKEA and Action Renewables. We don’t make a difference on tariffs, our green tariff is the same price as our variable standard rate at 16.99p per kWh.

Do you see a future where all homes in Northern Ireland will be powered by green tariffs?

Most definitely. You can see it with the motor industry already. What’s the point in having an electric/hybrid car if when you plug it in to charge, the electricity is generated from non-renewable sources?

Click Energy’s long-term vision is definitely a future where all homes in Northern Ireland will be powered by green tariffs. However, energy markets alone cannot deliver the desired level of renewables. This will also require strategic ongoing commitment at government-level and active engagement involving all of the key statutory agencies and stakeholders, as well as the public, who are ultimately the consumers. Support schemes will undoubtedly also be needed to spur increased investment in sustainable renewable energy.

How easy is it to make the switch to a green energy tariff?

Switching to the green energy tariff with Click Energy is completely hassle-free. Simply contact one of our advisors on 0800 1 070732 or visit our website at to reduce your carbon footprint today.

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