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Wind Monitoring

In order to make an informed investment in a wind turbine project it is advisable to monitor the wind regime at the proposed site. Feeding recorded wind speed figures into energy production calculations will more accurately predict the project's economic and environmental payback.

Action Renewables can offer 6 and 12 month wind studies on your site.  In order to accurately measure the wind speed it is necessary to take readings from as close to the hub height of the proposed wind turbine as possible. The study would consist of the installation of a 20m, 30m, 40m or 50m mast, complete with two or three anemometers at different heights. In addition wind vanes are used to ensure maximum accuracy of readings because of the potentially large variations in wind speed at different heights.


In addition, we can offer a variety of services to support the implementation/installation of renewable energy technologies. These services include project managementtechnology accreditation (eg NIRO and CHPQA), commodity sales-contracts sourcing (e.g. electricity, ROCs, by-products), technology optimisation (monitoring).


If you are interested in our wind measurement service, please contact us today on 028 90 727767, you can also view our wind map here