Feasibility Studies - Action Renewables

Feasibility Studies

Action Renewables recognise the importance of accurate and impartial information to anyone considering installing renewable energy technologies.

To date, much of this information has been difficult and often expensive to obtain. Action Renewables can use its acquired wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer these studies at a reasonable cost.


A Feasibility Study is an essential piece of work in the planning/development of any renewable energy technology installation. Utilising industry leading experience and unrivaled sector knowledge, Action Renewables can investigate the feasibility of the installation of the following technologies:


  • Wind Turbines
  • Biomass Boilers
  • CHP Plants
  • Anaerobic Digestion Units
  • Solar Panels including PV & Thermal Installations
  • Other renewable energy technologies upon request


A feasibility study would include an investigation into the following:


  • Site Assessment (Transformer Inspection / existing network analysis (if applicable)/ Barriers to development / potential planning issues)
  • Fuel supply issues (eg wind speed analysis or biomass supply chain analysis)
  • Generator options
  • Estimated costs:1. Technology costs 2. Civil and construction costs
  • Grid connection feasibility and indicative costs
  • ROC and electricity sales options
  • Cost / benefit analysis
  • Commercial RHI payments’


We have developed a fee structure for conducting feasibility assessments of a range of renewable energy technologies. We can deliver the assessments per technology or conduct an overview of a number of technologies at a reduced rate.

In addition, we can offer a variety of services to support the implementation/installation of renewable energy technologies. These services include project management, accreditation (e.g. NIRO, CHPQA, Commercial RHI), commodity sales-contracts sourcing (eg electricity, ROCs, by-products) and technology optimisation (monitoring). For more information please contact techteam@actionrenewables.co.uk.