Accreditation - Action Renewables


A renewable electricity generator must be accredited by OFGEM ( in order to participate in the NIRO and receive ROCs. Action Renewables can advise and assist generators with this process, particularly if the generator also wishes to trade ROCs with Action Renewables.  There are some fundamental requirements to receive ROCs, click here to find out more.


How we can help:


Action Renewables can remove the burden of accreditation.  The following services are included for free when you trade your ROCs with us:


  • Information gathering and set-up of ROC account with OFGEM by dedicated ROC Team
  • Successfully managing your application through to accreditation and beyond
  • Ongoing OFGEM submission of meter readings and handling of ROCs
  • Access to our contacts within; Stormont, DETI, OFGEM, The UR, NIE, and others in the marketplace