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Accrediting Small Scale (under 50kW) PV/ wind

If you’re currently accredited with Action Renewables

If you are currently accredited with Action Renewables but have not yet submitted your annual meter-reading, please click the button below to log-in and submit your meter reading.  If you require your password please contact us on 028 9072 7760



Accrediting your Small Scale PV/Wind System


Once you sign up to Action Renewables (through the two steps below), we will accredit your renewable system with Ofgem, and trade your ROCs through a market tracking mechanism to obtain the highest achievable market price at time of trade, with no hidden fees. In order to simplify the accreditation application process for our clients, we offer a 2-step process on our website that simplifies the accreditation process for ROCs.


1. Download ALL 3 of the accreditation files below:

2. Upload the scanned documents together with your MCS certificate (Click here to upload your documents)


The application for ROC accreditation can only be submitted by Action Renewables if all above steps have been completed.


Once you have completed the two steps above, Action Renewables will have received your completed documents, will get your PV station accredited to receive ROCs for your generation, and be contracted to trade your ROCs on a rolling yearly basis.


Note – Applications will require a small (£50+VAT) administration charge, generally paid by your installer, to ensure submission within the 2 ROC banding (prior to 1st April 2017). This will ensure earning 2 ROCs / MWh for 20 yrs, instead of missing out on the ROC incentive scheme (the ROC scheme closes to new generators on 1st April 2017). We will record the applications coming in to us and invoice your installer.


Applications received by the 15th of September will be submitted before the 1st of October. We cannot ensure this for applications received after this date but we will continue to accept and submit as many as possible before the deadline.


We will be in contact once yearly prior to 1st April to take your annual meter reading. Your yearly ROCs will generally be issued by Ofgem three months after this date and you should receive your payment for these ROCs from Action Renewables approximately one month later.

If you have any queries on the accreditation process please contact  or call 02890727760.