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ROC Trading

Action Renewables facilitates the deployment of renewable energy technologies by providing expert guidance to developers.

In order to maximize the financial returns offered by generating renewable electricity, Action Renewables has developed services to support the owners of the generating equipment, and guide them through the complexity of the Renewables Obligation.


We are a market leader in the provision of ROC Accreditation and ROC Trading services for commercial Renewable Energy Generators across the UK.  Our dedicated ROC Team has extensive experience in dealing with OFGEM.  Action Renewables has unrivalled knowledge of the OFGEM eligibility criteria and accreditation  process, and due to accrediting such large numbers of clients, we have established relationships with OFGEM to streamline our clients through the process.


Action Renewables offer a unique ROC & Energy Trading service.  The following methods ensure we consistently attain higher values than the market alternatives:


  • We utilise our considerable client base & selling power to leverage the best ROC prices
  • We offer a range of flexible contracts to suit your needs, with absolutely no admin or hidden fees
  • We are experts at achieving best value for your export, and continually negotiate the most lucrative PPAs on your behalf
  • Advice and support on maximising your renewable energy opportunities


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