SECRE - Action Renewables


Social Enterprises in Community….

SECRE serves social economy in rural Europe. As a transnational network of expertise, SECRE aims to create new social business in Northern Periphery. SECRE will develop services that allow social enterprises to apply renewable energy solutions in local economic development.


….Renewable Energy

Social enterprises are not fully utilizing renewable energy solutions in some areas of Northern Periphery. SECRE will be working to further more sustainable and effective energy production alternatives in sparsely populated areas. In Northern Periphery, renewable energy production is mostly consisting of wind, solar, biomass, wood and hydro energy solutions.
SECRE consists of five work packages. Distribution to the work packages guarantees that partners are fully aware of their responsibilities. Working through the work packages makes project coordination easier and more effective.


Work Package 1 – Management, Coordination and Communication

The work package will focus on internal and external communication and publicity actions; official meetings, symposiums, seminars and event attendances; progress reports every six months. The work package will ensure the effective management of the project, internal and external communications and successful project implementation. The lead partner of the work package is North Karelia University of Applied Sciences from Finland.



Work Package 2 – Case Studies

The work package will generate a case study protocol, and data to help populate the knowledge base. The data will come from other Northern Periphery Programme cluster activities and the SECRE case studies. Reports will be produced detailing technological, socio-economic and business model aspects for each case study. This work package has a key role in the activities. The produced activity results will be utilized in energy and socio-economic scenarios, business model design and implementation and marketing/dissemination across the Northern Periphery Programme area. The responsible partner of the work package is Lews Castle College from Scotland.


Work Package 3 – Policies

The goal for these tasks is to create meaningful relationship with policy makers and local interest groups in every operational sector. SECRE aims to affect on policies through strong and long term relationships with interest groups around. Working to further and presenting the more sustainable and effective energy production alternatives in sparsely populated areas is the added value of this work package. The expected outcome is to produce a planning and an implementation tools. Those are local or regional actions and implementation plans of social enterprises in community renewable energy. The targets are to make five to eight plans connected to energy and socio-economic scenarios, and to produce policy recommendations. The work package is managed by Biofuel Region in UmeƄ from Sweden.


Work Package 4 – Knowledge Base

This work package designs and populates the renewable energy knowledge base that will form the basis of the service. The knowledge base will contain data obtained from the other work packages and other sources. For instance, links will be formed between the SECRE knowledge base and existing knowledge sources in the participating nations. The knowledge base will be designed to contain both qualitative and quantitative data. The design will allow for flexible and easy access to the information contained in the knowledge base. The outcome of the work package is a virtual and physical knowledge base of data and information relating to social enterprises and renewable energy. This work package entity is run by University of Ulster from Northern Ireland.


Work Package 5 – Service Development

The work package five is based on previous activities of the SECRE project. The work package produces a marketing campaign by utilizing the results of previous work packages. A new open-access SECRE service will be generated, including community consultation and training elements. The work package will bring out the potential of communities and social economy by creating a multiple amount of business models for rural community energy production. SECRE will also offer training to current service providers and decision makers.

In these events important stakeholders (politicians, businesses, Social Enterprises, public and private consulting services, other local, regional and national interest groups, etc.) will be invited to hear about and discuss of SECRE cases. The lead partner of the work package is North Karelia University of Applied Sciences from Finland.