REPUTE - Action Renewables



Renewable Energy in Public Transport Enterprise

REPUTE promotes innovation and engagement in the efficient use of energy in public transport, by means of information provision, stimulation of enterprise and behaviour change, and policy change recommendations.


The project is funded under the Atlantic Area Transnational programme. It addresses priority 3.1 of the programme; Improve accessibility and internal links – Promote interoperability and continuity of existing transport networks, and sea/road/rail/air intermodality. A group of seven partners and three TWO associate partners will work together over an eighteen month period, to become a catalyst for a dynamic and innovative application of renewable energy to the public transport sector.


During the course of the project the team will:


  • publish a guide on the state of the art of renewable and energy efficient technologies, as well as new and existing sustainable transport initiatives and policies, relevant to public transport.
  • hold a workshop in each participating region in relation to implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency in public transport, engaging national, regional and local Government in relation to
  • run two pilot projects, one in Portugal and one in Scotland. These pilots will involve the deployment of state-of-the-art renewable technologies in the transportation sector and promotion of behaviour change in public transport use, through Personalised Travel Planning.


The project will close with a conference tour taking in each of the partner regions and sharing the learning of the project with policy makers, transport professionals and the general public.



Action Renewables, Northern Ireland, UK
Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
Oeste CIM (West Community Inter Municipal), Portugal
EIGSI, France
FAEN, Spain
South West College, Northern Ireland, UK


Associate Partners

Mid West Regional Authority (MWRA), Ireland
Tipperary County Council, Ireland


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