BATTERIE - Action Renewables


Better Accessible Transport to Encourage Robust Intermodal Enterprise

This project is about transportation. It addresses priority 3.1 of Atlantic Area; Improve accessibility and internal links – Promote interoperability and continuity of existing transport networks, and sea/road/rail/air intermodality.


Better Accessible Transport to Encourage Robust Intermodal Enterprise (BATTERIE) recognises that there are difficult issues to be addressed. For example issues around intermodal links between road, rail, air and sea, better coordination of and complimentarity between services supplied by various operators, and local accessibility of many airports. The project also recognises and gives due regard to National and EU transport, energy and related economic policies, with particular reference to the objectives set out in the Lisbon and Gothenburg Agendas.


BATTERIE will establish the impact of applied smart technologies (such as e-journey planning) and alternative fuels and design scenarios and models of changes to policy, behaviour and transnational strategies in order to help optimise transnational trips for passengers. This will help us to identify how the outcome from BATTERIE can impact on policy and legislation. For smart technology and alternative fuels we will also map and model availability and future development, costs and environmental impact. We will establish pilot networks and demonstration of best practice.

BATTERIE will involve tangible transnational cooperation with all of the partners in all of the Atlantic Area Regions.



Triple helix partnership – Full partners from the Private Sector are (all are not for profit):

  • Action Renewables, Northern Ireland, UK
  • INTELI, Portugal
  • Pure Energy Centre, Scotland North
  • Denokinn, Spain
  • EASN, England, UK


Full partners from the Academic Sector are:

  • South West College, Northern Ireland, UK – University or Research Centre
  • Esigelec, France – University or Research Centre


Full partners from the Public Sector (all local authority or public enterprise) are:

  • OesteCIM (West Community Inter Municipal), Portugal
  • South West Regional Authority (SWRA), Ireland
  • CEIN, Spain
  • FAEN, Spain
  • CENER, Spain


The project Commences January 2012, finishes December 2014Download the latest BATTERIE newsletter here.