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EU Projects

Action Renewables is currently working on a number of European Funded projects in the areas of:supply chain development for renewable energy solutions; promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in public transport and renewable energy project development in rural communities.



Social Enterprises in Community Renewable Energy.  SECRE aims to create new social business in Northern Periphery. SECRE will develop services that allow social enterprises to apply renewable energy solutions in local economic development.




Better Accessible Transport to Encourage Robust Intermodal Enterprise.  This project is about transportation. It addresses priority 3.1 of Atlantic Area; Improve accessibility and internal links – Promote interoperability and continuity of existing transport networks, and sea/road/rail/air intermodality.




Wares – Water asset renewable energy solutions





Biopad – Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment





REPUTE promotes innovation and engagement in the efficient use of energy in public transport, by means of information provision, stimulation of enterprise and behaviour change, and policy change recommendations.




The project aims to build on the work completed in the Water Asset Renewable Energy Solutions (WARES) project. WARES demonstrated that small communities in the NPA region need help to identify and explore their hidden resources and build capacity.  RECENT will support communities to become more energy-self-sufficient by developing small-scale solutions and building synergy between critical public infrastructures. These solutions will include energy recovery from waste water (waste heat and biogas), co-digestion of sewage and biowaste, land-use of digestate as well as a range of additional technologies appropriate to each region.




GREBE will focus on the challenges of peripheral and arctic regions as places for doing business and help develop renewable energy (RE) business opportunities provided by extreme conditions. It will support successful development of SMEs and start-ups in this sector through analysis of advanced RE options, expert business mentoring, transnational models of successful growth strategies, policy analysis and information on funding mechanisms for businesses and support agencies.




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