Certification - Action Renewables


Granting Certification

Once the assessment has taken place and any identified non-conformances have been closed out satisfactorily, Action Renewables Certification Manager shall review the assessment reports, NCs and corrective action responses supplied by the installer (if applicable). The final decision on certification is based on the recommendations of the Lead Assessor, however the Certification Manager is independent of the assessment process and if any inconsistencies with the assessment are identified, the Certification Manager may require further clarification/assessment to be carried out (at no cost to the installer).


Certificates state the name and address of the company, the Microgeneration technology(s) that have been assessed, a unique certificate number starting with the prefix “ARE”, and the issue number and date.


Maintenance of Certification

Certificates are valid from the date of issue and are maintained and held in force subject to satisfactory surveillance assessments but remain the property of Action Renewables.


Listing of Certification

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has appointed an industry independent organisation, Gemserv, to manage and coordinate the MCS, and ensure the Scheme continues to progress the microgeneration industry both in the UK and internationally. Gemserv is the Licensee of the MCS and will administer the Scheme.


All Certification Bodies such as Action Renewables, must provide MCS with the details of the installers they have certified, MCS will then update the installer lists on the MCS website.

Once a company becomes certified they must then register all MCS installations on the MCS Installation Database. A fee per installation is payable for this which is currently £15.


Certification Mark

Once an installation company has become certified, they are permitted to use the “Approved Installer” Logo on their promotional materials. This logo is issued to the installer once certification has been approved and should be used in accordance with the latest version of the Brand Guidelines, please refer to the Supporting Documents section.


Surveillance Assessment

An annual surveillance assessment will be undertaken by Action Renewables which includes an office based assessment and an example installation (for each technology registered). An example installation will be identified in advance of the surveillance visit by selecting at random from the MCS installation database.


Change of Details

The installer company must give notice in writing of any changes to the company legal constitution, trading or title, address, changes to technical staff or other significant particulars and declarations upon which the current certificate was granted. The notice must be given within 30 days of any change becoming effective. Where the changes are such that conditions under which certification was granted are significantly affected, the Company will be advised of actions and any association fees that will be required to maintain certification.


If you have changed any of your company details or you would like further information on the MCS process please contact us at mcs@actionrenewables.co.uk