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Feed-In Tariff

Action Renewables facilitates the deployment of renewable energy technologies by providing expert guidance to developers.

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) is a government incentive scheme to help promote the uptake and development of renewable electricity technologies in England, Scotland and Wales. The scheme creates an obligation for Licensed Electricity Suppliers to make payments on the generated and exported renewable electricity. Solar PV and wind (DNC between 50kW – 5MW) and all AD or Hydro installations (Up to 5MW) must gain accreditation from Ofgem under the parent ROO-FIT scheme.


There has been significant changes to the administration of the ROO-FIT following a ‘pause’ to the scheme in January 2016. This resulted in the re-introduction of the preliminary application process, the introduction of deployment caps, changes to the degression mechanism and the energy efficiency requirements.


The changes to the scheme highlight the importance for a quick and efficient application to be submitted by experienced personnel. Action Renewables has developed services to support the owners of the generating equipment and guide them through the complexity of the Feed-in Tariff process while alleviating the administrative burden of submitting the application.


Action Renewables offer the following services:

  • Impartial advice on the viability of projects and meeting FIT criteria.
  • Information gathering and registration with Ofgem on the CFR.
  • Successfully managing your application through accreditation and beyond.
  • Access to our contacts in Ofgem, DECC, installer networks and Key FIT licensees.
  • Advice on achieving the best possible value for generation and export ‘tariffs’.
  • Negotiating on your behalf to maximise value from PPA and FIT contracts.
  • Competitive post accreditation management package.
  • Advice and support on maximising your other renewables energy opportunities.



Why choose Action Renewables?


We are the market leaders in the provision of Ofgem Accreditation and Energy Trading services for commercial renewable energy generators across the UK. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in dealing with Ofgem, and has unrivalled knowledge of the eligibility and accreditation process. Due to accrediting such large numbers of clients, we have established relationships with Ofgem to streamline our clients through the process.