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Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring Service for Electricity


Action Renewables’ NEW energy monitoring product will provide you with circuit by circuit electricity usage information in real time and with tailored alerts to enable proactive maintenance.


“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.



In addition to this, Action Renewables’ dedicated team of energy experts can help you identify areas for improvement to save energy and save money and raise the awareness of energy in your business.




If you are considering investing in energy efficiency measures, for example LED lighting, great idea but do you know that lighting is your biggest electricity cost? Perhaps it is those computer servers humming away for 16 hours each week day and all weekend while your business is closed.


“Action Renewables understand energy and now you can too”.


Top USPs:

  • The simplicity and detail of our data in real time, of single or multi-site measurement and using meaningful non-technical descriptions
  • Our intuitive platform – flexible, cloud based, simple for all, unlimited users
  • A competitive pricing model


Contact us for information if you:

  1. Have an electricity bill in excess of £1,000 per month.
  2. Don’t fully understand which appliances/workspaces are using the most energy.
  3. Are spending more on energy but don’t understand why.
  4. Are part of a multi-site company; but one or two buildings are using more energy.
  5. Want to encourage positive staff behaviour for a company cost saving initiative.