Energy Management - Action Renewables

Energy Management

Action Renewables can offer a bespoke energy management service for industry, large energy users and public sector clients to comply with CRC requirements.

Energy Manager


A staff member can be positioned within the client organization providing energy management services for a timescale to suit the company needs. We can carry out the following activities:


  • Energy Audit
  • Energy masterplan
  • Monitoring
  • Staff training
  • Procurement advice
  • Development of tenders
  • Capital financing options
  • Renewable energy feasibility analysis


CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme


Action Renewables can also assist your company in compliance with the Government CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme for example completion and submission of annual reports, energy auditing and monitoring, feasibility of renewable energy installations (for which you can claim credits) and trading allowances.


Sustainable Programme Management


  • Supply chain advice
  • Developing tenders
  • Sustainable transport practices
  • Waste management
  • Emissions management
  • Process management